Ideal for work, school, picnics and the beach, this stunning but fearsome-looking dragon is all you need to keep other people’s hands off your lunch! It is made of strong, heavyweight neoprene material that is perfect for carrying food as it is repeatedly machine washable and quick-to-dry. This dragon lunch bag is made from lead-free, vinyl-free and PVC-free neoprene which is known to maintain flexibility over a wide range of temperatures.

It benefits from having a high quality and durable zipper to keep it all your food and drink secure, and cleverly it has a flat base that keeps it upright to prevent containers from tipping over. The zipper also helps to keep your food warm or cool for long periods. This lunch bag has soft-grip handles and expands to fit a variety of different size storage containers.

All you need to know

  • Manufactured by Artone
  • Size:30 x 16 x 28cm
  • Weight: 150gm
  • Machine Washable

Dragon Insulated Lunch Bag

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