For Game of Thrones and dragon fans this is the Dragon emblem ‘Fire and Blood’ sigil of House Targaryen. An old world style sterling silver necklace with the words ‘Fire and Blood’ below the dragon. It is perfectly possible that Khaleesi would wear this dragon necklace.

  • This necklace features the three-headed, flame breathing dragon, House of Targaryen’s sigil is symbolic of its close relationship with these fearsome creatures. House Targaryan are intuitive, proud, unpredictable, descendants of Dragonlords.
  • This collection of Talismans from Pyrrha are cast in reclaimed sterling silver, bronze and 14 ct yellow gold using authentic 18th and 19th century wax impressions and imagery. Every design has a symbolic meaning culled from heraldry.
  • Designed and handcrafted in Vancouver, Canada
  • The chain is a 46 cm sterling silver Pyrrha branded chain and the necklace comes in a gift pouch with a hand torn meaning card.

Pyrrha jewelry is made with reclaimed silver and gold, made without chemical cleaners, and packaged in recyclable containers and unbleached cotton pouches.

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