This is a lovely dragon figure that stands approximately 15cm tall. It is superbly detailed and hand painted, and this cast resin dragon ornament would make an excellent gift for any dragon fan and a fine addition to any collection.

This dragon stands up well on its own but keep it away from things that might catch on its finely detailed features and knock it off your cabinet or shelf. You wouldn’t want to damage something this attractive.

Did you know, purple dragons represent wealth and royalty, but they can also symbolize mourning and grief, so let’s hope that if you purchase this fine statue, it brings you wealth and not grief!

All you need to know

  • Purple Dragon holding a orb
  • Made from resin
  • Boxed
  • Size: 14.5cm in height
  • Produced by Nemesis Now
  • Code: AL50263

Price £14.71*

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