If you’re looking for an elegant walking stick with a dragon handle then you can’t get better than this. This beautifully crafted walking stick is Handmade in Italy by Cavagnini. A dragon is carved into the solid pewter handle, with well-defined details and a shiny silver finish. The cane is made from sturdy beech wood, after turning is has two coats of enamel applied in either black or brown and then it is varnished. This dragon handled walking stick is a great gift idea as it is suitable for men and women, designed to be comfortable for all to use. You can choose the colour, length and type of tip and you can even have your initials engraved on it.

Things you need to know:

  • Handmade in Italy by Cavagnini
  • Custom length and choice of tip
  • Have your initials engraved on it
  • Spare tip provided
  • Tested for weights over 264lbs (100kg)
  • Extensive quality control

Price £53.00*

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