Behold the epitome of dice-rolling elegance with this superb folding Dragon Dice Tray – a secure and stylish arena where your critical rolls reign supreme!

Crafted for precision, these square trays feature poppers on each corner, creating a dice-safe zone where no roll shall escape. The dragon’s effigy takes center stage, adding a touch of mythical charm to your gaming rituals.

You have a choice of colours such as Green, Brown, Blue, Red, Black, Orange, Purple, and each tray is about 23cm x 23cm when flat, so it’s both compact and easily transportable.

Made from durable PU leather, this tray is not just a gaming accessory; it’s a companion for epic adventures. Withstanding the test of many quests, let this Dragon Dice Tray be your trusted ally in the realm of chance.

Roll with style, roll with precision!

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Lois says of this dragon dice tray: “I bought this for someone as a present and I know they will love it. It looks really cool.”

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